Thanks to Virtual Karma and Jennifer Dorman for getting this list of Web 2.0 applications started.

Toondooexternal image t.gif - a site for cartooning! Endless ideas for integration!

BigHugeLabsexternal image t.gif - fun with photos

ImageChefexternal image t.gif - simple fun with photos

del.icio.usexternal image t.gif - social bookmarking with 24hr. a day access from any computer!!!

Pandoraexternal image t.gif - goodbye, radio!

VoiceThreadexternal image t.gif - digital storytelling

Animoto - Movie creation

Twitterexternal image t.gif - um...eerily addictive is a collection of favorites - yours and everyone else's. Use to keep links, share favorites with friends, family, and colleagues, discover new things.

Flickr - almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world - has two main goals: 1. We want to help people make their photos available to the people who matter to them. 2. We want to enable new ways of organizing photos.
external image pdf.png flickr_setup.pdf

Good Reads
Good Reads is a social networking site where you can see what your friends are reading. There are features to create customized bookshelves, recommend books to friends, and write reviews for each book.

Google Maps
Maps are great for getting around, but online maps could be a lot better. So Google decided to make dynamic, interactive maps that are draggable — no clicking and waiting for graphics to reload each time you want to view the adjacent parts of a map.

Remember The Milk
Remember The Milk is the easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists online. Sharing, publishing, notes... we've got it all. Receive reminders via email, instant messenger, and SMS. It's free.

Stumble Upon
StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites. As you click external image stumble.png Stumble!, we deliver high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended by your friends or one of 1,566,029 other websurfers with interests similar to you. Rating these sites you like (external image thumbup.gif) automatically shares them with like-minded people – and helps you discover great sites your friends recommend.